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At A Glance Features

Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources

Organic sources reach your site through a search engine. Direct visitors typed the website address or used a bookmark to access the site. Referrals clicked a direct link from another site.

Visitor Counts

Visitor Counts

See how many times your site is visited. Track this over time to watch how your website traffic increases.

Geographic Stats

Regional Breakdown

Narrowed down your visitor by country, region, and city to help you to better target sales and marketing efforts to specific regions.

Premium Webstats - Track Your Online Traffic

Through clearly outlined data sets and valuable user metrics, Premium Web Stats offers a way to measure and analyze the behavior of visitors to your website.

Depending on your goals, you can use the analytics data in a variety of ways, including measuring growth over time, customer demographics, geographic market share, user behaviour, reach, accessibility, and more.

View specifics such as the percentage of new sessions, new users, bounce rate, pages viewed per session, and the average session duration for each device to get an idea of how these users browse your website.