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Digital & Print

A Combined Strategy To Reach Everyone

Our partnership with Sandhills Global (publishers of Truck Locator, Machinery Trader, Farm Machinery Locator and many others) gives you access to the best of both digital and print marketing.

Reach different customers with one, integrated strategy: Some people love the feel of print, while others want everything on demand on their screen. With The WMC Team and Sandhills, you can reach all of your customers, all of the time.

Sandhills publications go where the readers are. The distribution model for these magazines is targeted and regional, which means that your advertising gets out in front of the people who are most likely to buy. This strategy works hand in hand with digital to reach customers wherever they are, whenever they need you.


Another benefit of our partnership with Sandhills is that you get access to helpful tools like Call Stats and Web Stats, which will help you measure the success of your marketing campaign across both digital and print.

Call Stats will tell you your total call count over a given time period, how long those calls were, where they came from geographically, and how many of them generated unique leads.

Web Stats gives you a detailed breakdown of total listing impressions, as well as how many people clicked on the listing to see more details on Sandhills websites. You’ll also get access to information on Quick Find views, lot number views, total visits, and more.